Anna Ratuski

BSc in Biology, PhD in Applied Animal Biology


My name is Anna Ratuski and I am an animal welfare scientist. In 2023, I completed my PhD in the Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia, under the supervision of Professor Dan Weary

I study laboratory animal behaviour and welfare. I am particularly interested in practical strategies to improve the lives of animals in captivity. My doctoral research focused on environmental enrichment approaches for rodents housed in laboratories.

I am currently a Laboratory Animal Welfare Research Fellow at Stanford University in the department of Comparative Medicine, working under the supervision of Professor Joseph Garner.  I promote 3Rs initiatives through the newly launched Beyond3Rs program, and I conduct research on laboratory mouse welfare, working with students in the Master of Laboratory Animal Science program. 

I am also passionate about teaching and research mentorship. I am always happy to chat with students interested in studying animal welfare.